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Physical Freedom 13/365 - 20220115

Physical freedom is earned through hard work, hard choices and hard truths. Physical freedom is, to me, the ability to live life on your terms, uninhibited by physical deficits. That definition will vary by individual, and consequently, the level of fitness, dedication and sacrifice required will differ too. Not just to reach any potential goals one might have, but because we need an element of social interaction, and value to our lives that cannot be earned in the gym, or on the trails, and cannot be realised through abstinence. For me, this weekend so far has focused on these elements while training, and to some degree, good eating, have taken a back seat.

Yesterday I ate lunch with a friend at a coffee shop. I had a bacon, egg and cheese roll with sauces included. Yesterday evening, as I set off for beers with a friend, I had a sandwich and a packet of crisps, before having a slice of pizza later in the evening.

This morning, I had bacon, egg and halloumi, before having a burger and fries from McDonald's for lunch.

None of this is terrible, or unplanned, and none of it was taken to the extreme, in fact, moderation of quantity was my mitigation. So what now? Is there guilt? Have I trained it off?* What will I eat now? No guilt, I have shared great times with friends and feel good for it! I haven't trained today, it was a planned rest day, and I stuck with the plan, even though I feel energised and would have liked to train. Notice I said rest day, no active recovery? That means I've done next to nothing. A quick dog walk and a wander around the supermarket is about it! As I write, dinner is cooking. I'm having rump steak, homemade potato wedges, mushrooms and a dark leaf salad. That's all I'll need to reset, although really, no reset is required.

No training to update you on, but good times with food and friends have been had. Today's Instagram post was a snippet of some kettlebell technique work I was teaching yesterday.

Tomorrow, we return to training and more deliberate food choices.


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