Physical Freedom 125/365 - 20220508

Today was fun. I trained, well sort of, walked and ate well. The reason I qualified the training portion of my day with "sort of" is that very little of it involved reps or sets, there was no real structure, and it has taken place in small bursts throughout the day. It wouldn't be possible for me to try and note down everything I have done, however it included some sets of 4 strict muscle-ups from seated, some handstand holds, some crow press to handstands, some banded pelican curls and various other bits of fun. This was done purely because my body still isn't ready for intensity or heavy loads again, but I did want to move. I also walked in the hills for around an hour with Locke this morning, which felt great! Although I don't talk about breathing much in this blog, I perhaps should, my focus today was a maximum of 8 breaths per minute even up steep climbs, and all nasal.


Most of today's fun happened using my tube and clamp pull-up rig in my garden. I love this bit of kit as it leaves me no excuses not to do some work while at home! This isn't an affiliate link, just the one I happen to have bought.