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Physical Freedom 12/365 - 20220114

The good, the bad, and the shit, I'm here to report on all of it! Today was very much the latter, BUT, unlike a few years ago, I'm now able to pick the positives out of that, while identifying lessons to take forward. Today was Olympic lifting day, and went a little like this:


2x2 85%

2x2 90% - Missed second lift both times

2x1 90% - Missed first lift

1x1 92-95% - Went with 92% due to poor form to this point, but it was actually my best heavy lift of the session!

*Although my best snatch is 105kg, I haven't hit over 100 for a long time, so base all current percentage work off 100kg

Snatch Slow Pull


100+% (I went at 102kg)

High Hang Clean & Jerk

Build to heavy single - 125kg. I missed the jerk 1st time out at 125kg, but purely because I thought the dog had run under the bar. he hadn't! Although it was comfortable the second time, I wasn't happy with my elbows or positions in the jerk. Glad the lift felt light, but work needs to be done over the next week to improve here.


I haven't finished yet, and it's an odd day for eating, so I'll update this tomorrow!


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