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Physical Freedom 116/365 - 20220429

I should probably just copy and paste yesterday; bad day, training helped, ate much meat! On a serious note, I think some people expect every day to be different, but the truth is, with regards training, diet, lifestyle and several other things, sometimes a consistent routine beats anything too technical.

It's pretty well understood by now, at least by those I engage with over the subject, that I don't plan ahead too much with my own training. I have a framework in my head, and find creative ways to hit those targets on a daily, almost ad-hoc basis. I like it that way. It's strange because I love programming for clients with meticulous detail that projects into the future and involves spreadsheets, percentages and all kinds of metrics, but for me I like to go off feel, combined with an underlying understanding of overload combined with the law of accommodation.

So, in spite of today's continued work problems, I headed to my friend's house for around 5:45pm to train. I had missed the first workout (there were scheduled to be 5 workouts) but here are the details of the four I did:

6 Minute AMRAPs (Rest 3 minutes between):

1. Run 30m, 1 Sandbag Over Shoulder 40kg*

*Add 1 rep each round - I got 3 out of 10 sandbag cleans done.

2. Bike 10 Calories, 10 Knees to Elbows

6 Rounds + 3 Knees to Elbows

3. 10 Calorie Row, 10 Push-Ups

7 Rounds

4. 10 Calorie Ski, 10 Wallballs 9kg

6 Rounds

I did the whole thing barefoot because I felt like it. I'm glad I did, it felt good. I needed this; both the exercise and the socialising. It felt good. I was probably due some Olympic lifting today, but it became far more about doing something rather than the right thing. There will be another day.


I'm spoiled at my friend's house, because she has all Bulldog Gear kit too! Tonight, the bit that I often forget to mention was used; the sandbag. Easily transported and filled on the go, and extremely versatile, these are great value. Click below to get one, and use TH5 to save.


Today was another great food day. It's easy to let bad days lead to stress eating, but the irony is that eating well will actually help you better manage your stress. This is what I try to tell myself when I'm eyeing up pizza and sweet things on my way home!

At 7am I had 3 bacon rashers, 3 fried eggs and some berries.

At 1pm I had mince, cheese and and orange afterwards.

I had an other orange around 5:30pm.

At 8:30pm I had a sirloin steak, liver, kidney, 3 rump steak kebabs and half an avocado.


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