Physical Freedom 116/365 - 20220429

I should probably just copy and paste yesterday; bad day, training helped, ate much meat! On a serious note, I think some people expect every day to be different, but the truth is, with regards training, diet, lifestyle and several other things, sometimes a consistent routine beats anything too technical.

It's pretty well understood by now, at least by those I engage with over the subject, that I don't plan ahead too much with my own training. I have a framework in my head, and find creative ways to hit those targets on a daily, almost ad-hoc basis. I like it that way. It's strange because I love programming for clients with meticulous detail that projects into the future and involves spreadsheets, percentages and all kinds of metrics, but for me I like to go off feel, combined with an underlying understanding of overload combined with the law of accommodation.

So, in spite of today's continued work problems, I headed to my friend's house for around 5:45pm to train. I had missed the first workout (there were scheduled to be 5 workouts) but here are the details of the four I did:

6 Minute AMRAPs (Rest 3 minutes between):

1. Run 30m, 1 Sandbag Over Shoulder 40kg*

*Add 1 rep each round - I got 3 out of 10 sandbag cleans done.