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Physical Freedom 113/365 - 20220426

Today was quite relaxed. I trained, but not too hard. I focused on weightlifting and worked technique and positions with moderately heavy weights rather than pushing load or intensity. I trained from just after 4:30pm.


5x2 up to 85kg for the last two sets

Power Clean & Squat Jerk

Singles up to 95kg for last two reps


First time using the Bulldog Gear competition plates today for some time. I always forget how much better they move. I must be stricter at making myself lift with them to keep familiarity. Click the image below to grab yours, and use TH5 for discount!


At 8am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs and some berries.

At 12:30pm I had mince and cheese. I followed this with an orange.

At 5pm I had a banana.

At 7:15pm I had a snack pack of cheese.

At 8:15pm I had two sirloin steaks followed by berries and yoghurt. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy honey, so I had to make do without!


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