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Physical Freedom 11/365 - 20220113

Before I get into the details on today's training, I'll be the first to admit it was NOT a logical choice in line with my last few days of programming. My training today wasn't for physical results, or with goals in mind. I had a less than ideal day, for no specific reason, and needed to work out with people, with an atmosphere, and with a vibe. That's not often me. I'm pretty good at hurting myself all alone, for hours on end. Today was the day I needed a push.

Handstand practice

A variety of balances, presses and walks for 15-20 minutes. Truth be told I was looking forward to this, but felt a little off every time I went upside down, and didn't particularly enjoy it. That said, I probably needed a little practice after neglecting handstands of late.

For Time:


Handstand Push-Ups




My training over the last couple of days caught up with me FAST here! My shoulders - which aren't great at the best of times - and chest were on fire by the round of 8, screaming by the round of 6. I'd make an educated guess at 8 minutes fresh here, but that wasn't the point. It felt good to move, and to be involved with a great class who all seemed to enjoy the workout too!

Food today was VERY basic! I had fried mince seasoned with garlic and chilli, and topped with grated cheddar for lunch. For dinner, I had homemade potato wedges, lamb neck fillet, and pork shoulder fillet, with a few tomatoes and some chopped courgette, all pan-fried.

No montage of today's training on Instagram, however, I've attached my post from earlier in the day, as I feel it's important!


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