Physical Freedom 106/365 - 20220419

Today was what I was expecting yesterday, a fucking struggle! Work was fine - productive even - but as soon as I started warming up at the gym, I knew today was going to suck! I went into self preservation mode. This, for me, is a combination of self-coaching, picking the right parts of the class to push, the right parts to hang back, and the right way to warm-up, and also controlling the negative self-talk that tries to take over. With damage limitation plans in place, I cracked on with the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm.

Squat Clean

Build to a 2 rep max - 120kg.

I twice made the first lift at 125kg, but missed the second. Both times the first lift was comfortable, and the second was definitely on, but I bottled it both times, not getting the bar past the knees.