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Physical Freedom 101/365 - 20220414

Today was going to be a longer blog, with some reflective insights from the previous 100 days, and a preview of a weekend of competition for the first time in, well, years! However, my website has only just started working again, and I need my sleep, so instead, it will be relatively succinct, and I'll endeavour to add flesh to the bones in a few days time.

I trained at my friends' house at around 5pm.

Front Squat

4x5 90, 100, 110, 100kg

5 Rounds for Time:

Run 800m

30 Burpees


I didn't choose the workout, but if I did, it probably would have been this. A typical "grunt work" workout and exactly the kind I love. Short enough to go hard, but long enough to regret doing so. The sort of workout nobody wants to start, but everyone is glad they did afterwards. Honestly though, the best part for me was training with friends.


I didn't really use any, however, I took delivery of my Tib Bar from Slant Board today. I'm really excited to use it as it's so well made and such a valuable addition to my gym. Click the image to grab yours through my affiliate link.


At 7am I had 3 bacon rashers, 3 scrambled eggs, half a large avocado and some smoked trout.

At 11:30am I had some halloumi, bacon and eggs.

At 5pm I had a banana and 2 lindor chocolate eggs.

At 9pm I had 2 large sirloin steaks and some halloumi, followed by berries, yoghurt and honey.


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