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btwb and the future

Some of you will now be aware of the platform shift over the past week to beyond the whiteboard - btwb. This is the software I used to use as a gym owner, and have long used as an individual. It is a workout logging and tracking programme that offers comprehensive food tracking, macro targets, weight and measurement tracking, follow along programmes, and one to one remote coaching options, among other things. So why have I switched, and how can you get the most out of the new software?

First off, the software has far less limitations than the platform I was previously using. It allows me to both programme more freely, and to track more accurately what clients are doing. From a client's perspective, it's far easier to track progress in certain lifts or movements, and far easier to record workouts; both prescribed and impromptu.

Secondly, the functionality and level of detail are both market leading. For some people this won't matter, as they prefer simplicity. This is fine, and simplicity can definitely still be achieved, but for those data driven souls among us, this is a step further into what we can analyse and implement.

It's more connected too. You can interact socially with people you connect with, and also get real world feedback on your lifts and notable workouts when compared to a global community. This means there's real data backing up your particular strengths and weaknesses, giving you a more accurate idea of what to work on.

It offers both fixed length, and follow along programmes, as well as individual programming. For all of these options, the price of access to btwb's world class software is included in the fee you pay. This is a huge value add, and allows you to utilise all features, while having the convenience of your chosen track, programme or individual workouts fully entered for you ready to record.

Clients can log, and track, weight, measurements, workouts, food - including calories and macros, set weight loss and macro targets, follow programmes from multiple providers, and share workout results to social media, all on one platform.

So how do you fancy access to the world's best workout logging and tracking system? All you have to do is sign up for a programme, or individual programming or coaching to get it.*

At the moment, all individually coached clients, and all nutrition clients have access to btwb, free, as part of their subscription. Shortly, all Run Strong, LIFT and Pull Your Own Weight programmes will be going live as fixed length, one-time payment options that will include the ebook download for you to keep. The Physical Freedom programme will also be going live, which will be a follow-along, subscription based programme. Keep your eyes peeled for this revolutionary programme which will offer the best value, comprehensive rolling programme on the market. For now, if you're interested in programmes, or individualised coaching, just click below to find out more!

*Fixed length programmes only offer access while the programme is live, and for a short period afterwards. Subscription can be continued at the client's expense, if chosen.


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