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Physical Freedom 102/365 - 20220415

A pretty short blog again today. It was a rest day - not even an active recovery day - and I also need sleep as I need to leave far too early to compete tomorrow. I'm taking part in the Midlands Fitness Games with a friend, and have several other friends competing over the course of the weekend. It'll be a gruelling day, with 5 workouts to fit in, but I'm excited by the challenge after so long away from the competition floor. Competing is very much about friends and fun for me rather than trying to win anything, but that atmosphere is one of the best to push your hardest in, hence the rest day today!


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Pretty standard today. I started at 7am with 3 scrambled eggs, 3 bacon rashers, some smoked trout and some grapes.

At 1pm I had mince and cheese.

At 6:30pm I had some cheese snacks and salami

At 7:30pm I had mince and cheese followed by berries, yoghurt and honey.


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