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Not everyone is content with a normal job, and that includes those in the forces. Some people seek more; more challenge, more adversity, more reward. The mindset is already there, the drive is as strong as it needs to be, but there's often a need for direction. Whether you're gearing up for an arduous deployment, a challenging career course, an advanced qualification, or an arduous selection course, making the body as resilient and prepared as the mind is critical! I offer a detailed, progressive 5-6 day per week plan based on your start standard, time available, and desired outcome. This approach has seen people complete arduous courses, and the most difficult selection processes in the world with high degrees of success, and more importantly, extremely low injury rates. Get the right plan for you, delivered weekly, for as long as you need it. Use the contact function to find out more, and book a consultation below.

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THT Battle Prep



Every month

Bespoke programming for military application


Q: Are you or were you special forces?

A: No. My credentials are qualification based, and based on experience helping others pass various arduous courses.

Q: Is this just for special forces selection?

A: No. I have helped people prepare for and pass 'P' Company, Commando Course, Junior and Senior Tactics, The PTI course, selection for Special Forces, Basic Training and Initial officer training, in addition to a range of career courses.

Q: Is this just a generic programme?

A: No. There are elements that are tried and tested, but even those elements are applied to you depending on your ability, timeframe and goal. The programme is written based on your results; the more information you put in, the more bespoke it becomes.

Q: How do I receive my programme?

A: Through an app called btwb (beyond the whiteboard)®️ You get complete access to all the features of the app included in your package, and this is also where you upload your results and notes. 

Q: Do you guarantee passes?

A: No, and I never will. Anyone who does is making false promises. I do have an extremely high success rate though, which I stand behind.

Q: Can I train just 3 days per week with you, for less money?

A: No. In my experience a minimum of 5 days per week is required to achieve what is required for arduous courses. You may train elsewhere, but then I can't possibly personalise your plan around so many external factors - this would actually create more work, not less.

Q: Why is this so expensive?

A: There are two answers; firstly, compared to many others offering this service, it really isn't. Secondly, the monthly fee is based on two primary factors - my experience and knowledge, from which you benefit, and the estimated time required to produce a programme each month.

Q: Is there a refund available for part months?

A: Unfortunately not. The work has already been done to create an outline plan at least 2-4 week sin advance. That said, no notice is required, and the billing cycle is only monthly. You can always choose to continue to receive programming until the end of your current billing month, even if you have chosen to cancel.

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