Starting running in 2022

So you've eaten a little too much over the festive period, been a little bit lazy the past year or two, or maybe you're just looking to mix things up and run a little more. Wherever your start-point, and whatever your reasons, there are some things to consider to keep you safe, and help you get the most from your resolution this coming January.

Current ability

It's important to conduct an honest assessment of your current situation before you lace up your trainers and set off. Are you injured? Do you get pain when you walk or come down the stairs? Do you get breathless easily doing normal daily tasks? These, and many more variables, should be considered before you start. Seek advice from your doctor, and potentially from a fitness professional before you start.


Do you want to be competitive? Break records? Achieve bucket list items? Just get fitter and healthier? Your goals will determine the kind of plan you need, how much time you should devote to your training, how you should measure progress, how much money to invest in reaching your goals, and several other variables.

So assuming you're injury-free, medically safe to begin, and you've set some goals for yourself, what else should you consider? I've laid out some key topics for you to think about, and some suggestions within those topics to help you set off on the right foot!