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Physical Freedom - No More Daily Blog

Having only missed 3 nights since starting this blog, the last 2+ weeks has seen a forced absence from daily recording due to a lack of access to internet whilst working away. On my return, my initial intent was to resume daily blogging as before, however, having thought through this in more detail, I have decided not to. I could have argued either way, and there is no right or wrong here, but hopefully the following outline will help you to understand my rationale.

Initially, the blog came about for two reasons; firstly to show that any feats I might accomplish are done so without significant life impact, with an easy to follow diet and training regime, and secondly to provide myself accountability and tracking for the purposes of reflection and self improvement. This year's challenge, Mountain Murph, is now complete, and will be the last outlandish thing I do this year. Maybe. I believe 5+ months of daily recording of training and eating is enough to demonstrate my point, and repeating this would possibly lose educational value, and just become white noise.

With regards the accountability, I'll continue to log everything I do, just not in a blog format. I have found the accountability useful, so I'm definitely keen to continue recording in some form.

Because I held myself to daily posting, some days became purely a box-ticking exercise. This is fine for accountability, but no doubt detracts somewhat from the value and impact of the blog. With that in mind, Physical Freedom blogs will definitely continue, but will be less frequent (weekly, or so) and will rotate through different themes centred around training, nutrition and lifestyle.

For now, I'm having a light training/active recovery day after a couple of days back and going hard. The plan for this week is to start building the legs back up, as they are showing serious signs of weakness, while also targeting reducing body fat, as the last couple of weeks have not been at all kind!

Next week I'll look to add some valuable content to the blog, but for this week, I'll call it a day. Take a look at the video below to hear me talk about strength and conditioning for sports for recreational athletes.


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