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Physical Freedom 91/365 - 20220404

Today was fun! I mean, really fun. Okay, that's a bit of a fib, I spent the day painting walls and skirting boards, which is pretty dull, but my workout was fun, so I'm leading with that! I hit the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm today.

Snatch Balance

Build to a heavy double


Nowhere near a PR, but in a ten minute window, I'll definitely take this.

3 Position Snatch

Build to a heavy rep


1 From the hip, 1 from the knee, 1 from the floor.

Really happy to hit 90% on this. I missed it the first time on the final rep, so to perform 5 total reps at 90% was also pretty satisfying.

14 Minute AMRAP:

10 Pull-Ups

5 Box Overs 24"

1 Squat Snatch 60kg*

*Add 1 rep each round

I completed exactly 9 rounds

This felt pretty good, although the last 4 or 5 minutes were a fight for oxygen. Once the snatch reps got up there, this became very tough! It was good to hit such a mixed workout though.


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This is where it gets fun! Breakfast and lunch were pretty standard, my evening meal was something else!

Breakfast was at 7am and consisted of 3 rashers of bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, some smoke salmon and a handful of berries.

At 1:45pm I had mince with cheese, followed by a banana.

At 8:30pm I had a 24oz Tomahawk steak, and a few slices of halloumi. This was a huge treat! A friend gave me this a week or so ago, and I've been looking forward to having time to cook it since. Today was that day, and it really was worth waiting for!


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