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Physical Freedom 83/365 - 20220327

Although I've been satisfied with most of my training this past week, looking back on it, I feel like I should have achieved more. I'm not disappointed as such, rather a little underwhelmed. That aside, I decided to round the week out with a workout that Locke could join me for, and that would shake me out after lots of driving. I trained at around 5:30pm, stopping off at Cannock Chase on my way home to do so.

Not For Time:

Run 2.5km


20 Push-Ups

5 ATG Split Squats Per Side

Run 2.5km

The runs were at around a 4:45/km pace as an average, and the movements in between were performed unbroken, with around 30 seconds between sets. This was a really nice trail run that allowed me to enjoy the last of the weekend sun.


None used today, however remember that by shopping through my affiliate link with Bulldog Gear you can help me out, and also save some money using TH5 at checkout! Just click the banner below.


A mixed day for food. Breakfast, at around 7:30am, was 5 scrambled eggs and some berries.

Lunch, at around 12:30pm was a buffet lunch at my Nephew's birthday party. I had a roll, some cold meat, pork pie, and an assortment of other buffet style food. It was nice, but I knew I needed proper food again this evening

I had 2 Peperami as a snack at around 6pm

At 7:30pm I had a fillet steak and 2 garlic and cheese stuffed mushrooms - the large, flat style - followed by berries in yoghurt with a tablespoon of honey.

I currently have some lamb neck fillets in the slow cooker for tomorrow, which I'm very excited for!


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