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Physical Freedom 80/365 - 20220324

Partly by accident, but ultimately by conscious decision, today turned into a rest day. I knew I was going to be busy anyway, but had a couple of small windows if opportunity in my schedule where I thought I might squeeze in a workout. As the day drew to a close, I had a choice to make between a social engagement, and working out. I chose the former. I don't often, but I'm glad I did!


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Although I was busy, I ate pretty well today and stuck to the plan. I started off at 8am with 3 bacon rashers, smoked salmon, a handful of berries and 3 small fried eggs.

At 1pm I had 2 Peperami.

At 4pm I had mince with a very small portion of cheese.

At 7pm I had a share of a tomahawk steak and a side salad of leaves, tomatoes and spring onions with a dash of olive oil.

Today wasn't about training, rather dealing with essential tasks, and taking some downtime. It was a great day. Now for bed.


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