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Physical Freedom 79/365 - 20220323

Have you ever had a day where nothing in particular went wrong - on the contrary all aspects were average or above - but it just felt shit? A deep down feeling of discontent, dissatisfaction and doom? Well, that was my day. Why? I haven't a bloody clue. Every now and again, although admittedly not for a couple of months prior to today, this happens. Almost always, the next day is fine again, but for that single day, I feel shit. I recognised the signs early on today, and deployed all of my countermeasures to stop it being a catastrophe. Having not lived the version where I allowed a complete shitshow to emerge, I can't guarantee it worked, but if I were a betting man, I'd put today's mediocre outcome down as a victory of perseverance over what could have been much worse. I trained on the 6:30pm class at CrossFit Napalm. I had intended to do some other bits throughout the day, but a day of manual labour on a tight timeline meant this wasn't to be.

Handstand Skill

I spent 10 minutes reminding myself how to walk on my hands, and threw in a couple of 30-40 second holds for good measure.

Kipping and Muscle-Up Skill

I spent 10 minutes having fun. I got a couple of triple touches (1 toes to bar, 1 chest to bar and 1 muscle-up from a single kip) having not done them for years. This cheered me up.

8 Minute of Quality Movement

5 Strict Chest to Bar/Pull-Ups

5 Strict Knees to Elbows

2 Wall Walks with 10 second Hold

I deviated from the prescription a little here. 5 was the bottom end number for pull-ups and knees to elbows. I should really have done 10, but yesterday's volume made me think twice. Instead I opted for super strict. I also reduced the wall walks from 2-3 as these mess me up, and I knew what was to come!

15 Minute AMRAP:

Run 100m

12 Wallballs 9kg, 10'

1 Bear Complex 60kg*+

*Add 1 rep each round

I managed 6 rounds and 5 wallballs. +A bear complex is a clean, into a front squat and push press (or thruster to combine the two) then bring the bar onto the back and perform a back squat and push press, or back rack thruster.

Honestly, I knew I wasn't feeling great for this, but since self talk is half the battle, I just loaded the bar and did what I could. It wasn't pretty, I could barely move my legs by round 3, and I breathed through my mouth the whole way through since the clogged nostrils are lingering! It doesn't really matter, I got a great workout in, and feel better for having done it. Fitness and food are my go-to defences against shit days, and this workout was the perfect antidote.


Just a reminder that you can grab the best Slant Boards and Tib Bars with UK pricing and shipping by clicking the image below. Such vital bits of kit in the fight t stave off injury! The plan is to be back on mine tomorrow!


Not perfect, but here we go!

At just after 7am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs (2 of which were tiny) and some smoked salmon. I also had a handful of berries and grapes.

At 1:30pm I had 2 cod fillets with a little cheese.

At 5pm I had a deli sausage roll and a deli scotch egg. This was about as close as I allowed my shitty mood to manifesting itself into my day. If that's the worst it got, I've gotta be chuffed really!

At 8:30pm I had mince with cheese, followed by grapes and berries with yoghurt and a tablespoon of honey.


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