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Physical Freedom 75/365 - 20220319

I don't mind the occasional rest day, unless it's forced upon me by a pesky non-illness such as I have at the moment, then it just makes me angry! That aside, after yesterday's evening of free-flowing snot and mucus, it was the only smart choice, so a rest day is what I had! I worked hard, and lots of that involved moving, and I walked the dog for about an hour, but nothing with intensity or planned training value.


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At 8am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 scrambled eggs and some smoked salmon. I get asked quite often how I afford smoked salmon most days, especially with how much I eat! It's quite simple, sometimes I'll treat myself to the best stuff, occasionally I'll get some on offer, but normally I get the packs of trimmings from Asda. These are the same quality as the other stuff on sale for about half the price, but they're a mess to look at. That's fine by me!

At 1pm I had mince and grated cheddar. A smaller portion than usual; 350g as an estimate, with around 150g of cheese. Again, I don't weigh or measure, these are estimates based on pack totals.

At 6pm I had snacks after travelling around a bit, for my journey home. These were a cheese and salami deli pack, and a Trek protein bar.

I haven't planned my evening meal yet, but it will likely be 3-4 sausages, a couple of fried eggs and some bacon.

It's easy to say that days with multiple sessions, a long or particularly difficult session, or challenging movements or lifts are hard days, but fr me, days like today are hard days. Days where I know it's best not to train, but I feel fine. The fact that it's a hard day, means there are some lessons to be learned, not least about priorities! Here's hoping that by tomorrow, some pull-ups, push-ups and maybe some running feel like a good thing to do!


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