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Physical Freedom 74/365 - 20220318

Although today was pretty good, I'll keep this blog short because, firstly, I feel like shit and, secondly, because it's late and I need sleep! I trained at around 6:40pm at CrossFit Napalm for their internal continuation of the CrossFit Games Open.

14 Minute AMRAP: CrossFit Games Open 14.4

60 Calorie Row

50 Toes to Bar

40 Wallballs 9kg, 10'

30 Cleans 60kg

20 Muscle-Ups

I got 12 muscle-ups complete in the first round. While this is 7 reps more than when I did this workout 8 years ago, I'm confident I could have finished a whole round without being full of cold. Unfortunately, as I felt gradually better throughout the day, I thought I was well enough to train. It turns out that has made my nose and eyes much worse!


Not something I used today, however I'm really happy to now represent Slantboard as an affiliate. They're a UK based company striving to make equipment required to follow the ATG style of training affordable to UK residents. They already have Slantboards and Tib Bars to order, and are working on new product lines as we speak! Click the image below to order through my link!


As an attempt to expedite my recovery from this inconvenient cold, I'm staying on top of my food. I started with breakfast at 7am, which was smoked salmon, 3 rashers of bacon and 3 scrambled eggs.

At 11am I had a banana.

At 2pm I had diced steak and cheese.

At 7:30pm I had a Grenade bar.

At 9pm I had a jacket sweet potato, mince (around 350g) and cheese, followed by a banana.


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