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Physical Freedom 71/365 - 20220315

Today turned out to be a pretty steady training day despite envisaging a pretty full-on one. That's okay, sometimes I get busy and training just happens as opposed to being the goal-driven centrepiece I'd like it to be. I still enjoyed my session very much. I trained at 4:40pm for around 45 minutes.

3 Rounds:

10 Cable Face Pulls 20kg

10 Parallette Push-Ups

3 Rounds:

10 Alternating Bicep Curls 16kg

10 Overhead Tricep Extensions 25kg


The Physical Freedom programme is a simple, 6 day per week programme designed for anyone with access to a gym, and a desire to get fitter! With a focus on capacity, this is ideal for those who need a no-nonsense approach that leaves them ready for anything! Click the image to sign-up!


ATG Shoulder Press

3x10 12kg

3 Rounds:

Mace Swings 5 per Direction 10kg

15 Sec Handstand Hold


Accumulated 50 throughout the day in sets of 10


The cable system I use attaches to the back of the Bulldog Gear folding power rack, and is the best upgrade I think I have ever chosen! I've put pictures of both rack and attachment below. Click to view and buy, use TH5 to save!


Due to an administrative error- I forgot to shop - breakfast at 8am was 7 rashers of bacon and a kiwi.

At 12pm I had mince topped with just a little cheese.

At 6pm I had a large orange.

At 8:45pm I will be having mince and cheese again, followed by mixed blueberries and blackberries with yoghurt and manuka honey.


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