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Physical Freedom 65/365 - 20220309

Today was extremely simple, time efficient and, to the untrained eye, repetitive and dull, however I really enjoyed it, and played afterwards! Something I think many people, most definitely counting myself in that number, are guilty of forgetting to do often enough! I trained just after 4pm, and the total session, including play, was just over an hour.

10 Rounds:

8 Strict Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

12 Push-Ups

All wearing a 9kg Weight Vest


I played for around 40 minutes. I took some shots, jumped and ran a lot, and missed almost every time. Nonetheless it was great to have fun, and even better to test my jump after so long! Check the embedded Instagram post below for the result. - Note, it's the first time in 20 years I have achieved that!


Old faithful was back on today for my pull-ups and push-ups. I'm getting more accustomed to it every time, although I do still need to accumulate more time wearing it, not just for training. Grab yours, with a discount using TH5, by clicking the image below.

I was surprised a few weeks back at just how poor my weighted pull-ups and push-ups had become in what I thought was a relatively short period of time. Now I'm happy with how quickly they seem to have come back. Here's hoping a continued bias of my programming in their favour will see the trend continue.


A pretty solid food day again. I was an hour later than planned this evening, so I snacked on the road, but I stuck to the plan anyway, which gave me today's little win.

I ate breakfast at 7am. I had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, bacon and avocado.

At 1pm I had mince and cheese. I got told today that these descriptions make it seem like I don't eat a lot, so for clarity, this was a whole pack of mince (500g) and about half a pack of grated cheddar. I followed this up with a small orange.

At 7pm I had meatballs and 2 boiled eggs. These were the shop-bought snacks I mentioned above.

At 8:30pm I had a 10oz sirloin steak - probably the best I've had for a while - with half a large avocado, and half a 300g pack of smoked salmon, with a small lump of Red Leicester on the side. I followed with mixed berries, grapes, yoghurt and honey.

Days like today are what make challenges like Mountain Murph - register your interest above - even seem possible. I've completed some things in recent years that the version of me who ambled through my twenties would have dismissed as impossible. The older I get, and the more I do, the more I come to realise that the only thing separating everyday people from incredible feats is their own minds. Every person who has done something special, admirable, crazy or simply impressive, was born kicking, screaming and crying like everyone else. Many of those people have made poor choices, been through low times, and been a far cry from their peak. And yet they still made it. My aim has never been to impress people. That's what fancy outfits and jewellery are for. My aim is to inspire people. I want to do this by being open and honest about my approach, my personality, my flaws and my quirks, and still, do crazy shit people think is out of reach. I don't want clones or impersonators, I want people to find their own crazy. If the first step is climbing just one of these mountains with me this June, then do it. If it's halfway up, then that's great. If it's the full challenge on just one peak, or ascending all 3, but with no weight or added extras, awesome! The point is this; you're just as capable as I am, or as anyone else is, you just have to stop telling yourself otherwise!


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