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Physical Freedom 63/365 - 20220307

Today left me on my back. It's been a while since a workout did that to me, but to be fair, I did let it! Today was great fun as I trained with a group of friends on the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm.

Front Squat

5x5 Every 2 Minutes at 70% - 100kg

There was the opportunity to go heavier, and these did feel very good, but I knew pretty well what was to come!

Front Rack Lunge

4x12 Every 2:30 at 50kg

5 Rounds each For Time:

30 Double Unders

20 Wallballs 9kg

10 Hang Power Cleans 60kg

8 Push Jerks 60kg

6 Bar Facing Burpees







If you want any equipment from Bulldog Gear, just click the banner below to use my link, then enter TH5 at checkout to save!


A pretty decent day for food all around. Breakfast was at 7am and consisted of scrambled eggs, smoke salmon, bacon and grapes.

Lunch at 1pm was cod loin and a jacket sweet potato with cheese.

I had a snack of 2 mini oranges, a banana and a Grenade bar at 5pm

At 8:15pm I had a rump steak, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, then followed it up with yoghurt, grapes and honey.

Exciting news today too - you can now add my GIFs on Instagram stories! At the moment, Mountain Murph, Physical Freedom and Tom Hunt Training GIFs are all available by typing "THT" in the search function. If you train for Mountain Murph, hit a workout from my programme, or train with me online or in person, please be sure to use these in your stories! Run Strong and LIFT GIFs will be available soon! I'd be extra grateful if you tag me when you use them too.


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