Physical Freedom 62/365 - 20220306

Hard work, hard training, good food and a relaxing evening? That's pretty much my ideal day, and it's how today looked. I'm swamped at work, but enjoying the physically demanding nature of the tasks at hand, and putting into practice what I preach: making time for training regardless! Today I trained at 5pm.

For Time:

Run 3.5 miles over trails with 9kg weight vest

29:05 5:12/km 8:26/mile

I ran over Cannock Chase at sunset. This in itself is a privilege when the sunset is as it was this evening, but to get the entire place almost to myself, and to be able to take the dog just rounded out the day, and the weekend, nicely. I didn't push too hard - breathing nasally for around 80-85% of the time - but out my foot down over a couple of the rolling sections of trail because, well, I wanted to! The only training objective today was time in the weight vest again in preparation for Mountain Murph.