Physical Freedom 60/365 - 20220304

What a day! I really do love the CrossFit Games Open, and especially when I get to do it at CrossFit Napalm - the gym I'm now a member at. I did some of the `Open workouts there a few years back, and the atmosphere is always great! Due to the schedule of the Open, trained this evening at around 7pm.

For Time: "CrossFit Games open 22.2"


Deadlifts 102.5kg

Bar Facing Burpees

10 minute Time Cap

I got to 3 out of 6 deadlifts on the way back down at the 10 minute cap.

This was never going to be a strong workout for me, because I'm not great at high rep deadlifts, but I was pleasantly surprised by my score. I was aiming to get back into the round of 7 on the way back down, and exceeded this by a full round!


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