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Physical Freedom 60/365 - 20220304

What a day! I really do love the CrossFit Games Open, and especially when I get to do it at CrossFit Napalm - the gym I'm now a member at. I did some of the `Open workouts there a few years back, and the atmosphere is always great! Due to the schedule of the Open, trained this evening at around 7pm.

For Time: "CrossFit Games open 22.2"


Deadlifts 102.5kg

Bar Facing Burpees

10 minute Time Cap

I got to 3 out of 6 deadlifts on the way back down at the 10 minute cap.

This was never going to be a strong workout for me, because I'm not great at high rep deadlifts, but I was pleasantly surprised by my score. I was aiming to get back into the round of 7 on the way back down, and exceeded this by a full round!


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At around 7am, I started the day with 3 scrambled eggs, a couple of sausages (the ones I have at the moment are butcher's beef and chilli and they are phenomenal!), bacon and a handful of blueberries.

At 2pm I had sausages, jacket sweet potato and cheese.

At 5pm I had a Grenade bar.

At 8:30pm I had 2 salmon fillets, a large jacket sweet potato and some cheese and butter.

I love days like today. A large part of my enjoyment was getting to help out judging, and cheering on everyone else, especially those who have just left my own gym as we shut it down. It was nice to see everyone conduct themselves so well, and display their fitness so strongly!


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