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Physical Freedom 45/365 - 20220217

Today was awesome! No big numbers, no breakthrough movements, just honest grunt work. Things felt heavy, some stuff moved more slowly than I'd like, but I loved training. I mean really loved it! I split my training into two parts today, the first at 2:30pm and the second at 7pm.

Band and Mace

5 minutes of warm-up movement to promote blood flow to the shoulders, chest and upper back.

Dumbbell External Rotations

2x10 per Side, 10kg

Cambered Bench Press

5x2 70kg + 20kg Bands

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

5x5 30-42.5kg, 1x15 25kg

6 Rounds

5 Strict Pull-Ups

10 Deficit Push-Ups

Both in 9kg Weight Vest

Wrist Rotations

3x5 per side, 4kg mace


Split Jerk

3x2, 110kg (77%ish)

Push Press

5x5 70-80kg

3 Rounds

15 Close Grip DB Floor Press 20kg

15 Reverse grip Barbell Curls 20kg


I've featured a couple of bits I haven't before because they add so much value to my training, and the vest especially will over the coming months in the build-up to Mountain Murph! Remember, click the image to visit and buy, and use code TH5 to save!


I first ate at 8am today. I had 2 fried eggs, a stack of streaky bacon, half an avocado and some grapes.

At around 1pm I had 3 pork chops and a little cheese, followed by an orange and a banana.

As a pre-training snack at 7pm, I had some cold roast beef and rasperries.

I'll eat my evening meal around 9:30pm tonight, which will be steak and sauteed potatoes with mushroom and courgette on the side.

Today was the kind of grunt work I live for. Sure records are nice, but the satisfaction of a solid day of graft is hard to beat! Bring on some more!


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