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Physical Freedom 44/365 - 20220216

Today, training did NOT go well! It took me about 1 minute of looking through the last week of training to see why. I didn't hit my percentages, missed too many lifts, and lost my temper, BUT, I got the session done. I trained at just after 7pm after coaching the last class.

Halt Snatch

3x1 80kg, 3x1 85kg, 3x1 87kg

I missed 85 twice, 87 once, and went on to miss 90 three times. 90 was today's target weight, since it should have been unmissable. The halt was a couple of inches off the floor.

Snatch Pull

5x3 100kg


Singles at 110, 115, 120, 126kg

I tried 125, my planned top weight, 3 times and missed. No reason, other than it got in my head. It shouldn't, this is a comfortable weight, and 120kg moved easily. Nonetheless, it happened! So, I told myself off, spoke to myself out loud, poped another kilo on, and lifted the bar. It may not be the smartest move to some, but I needed to master that weight with my mind. It's only ever me versus the barbell, and I needed to win the war, having lost a few battles.

ATG Split Squat

4x5 20kg bar on back

Felt good in these. They felt required to lengthen the hip flexors after some gassy workouts, but also depth has progressed, which is very rewarding.



I ate breakfast at 7am, which was half an avocado, a banana, and a lot of streaky bacon.

At midday, I had lamb mince cooked with garlic and chilli, and topped with cheese. I forgot to eat my orange, but remembered around 8pm, finally!

I ate my evening meal at 9:30pm. I had an awesome rump steak, the best I've had for some time, potato wedges and mushrooms and courgettes, cooked with garlic.

It would be a lie to say today went to plan, it did not. But regardless, I stuck to the plan the best I could with regards both training and food. If that's a bad day, things can't be so bad. Here's to being strong again tomorrow!

Mountain Murph

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