Physical Freedom 43/365 - 20220215

Today was fun! The chief reason for this is I went to my friend's gym to hit a class. With my main gym closing in 2 weeks, it will likely be my go-to solution for my class fix 2 or 3 times per week. I took the opportunity to show face, say hi to some future training buddies, and get sweaty! I jumped on the 6pm class.

Back Squat

A Set Every 2 Minutes

  1. 4@75%

  2. 3@80%

  3. 2@85%

  4. 1@90%

  5. 4@80%

  6. 3@85%

  7. 2@90%

  8. 1@95%

Because this is towards the end of a cycle they have been running, that I haven't done, I scaled my percentages back a little. I went at 130kg for 75%, 135kg for 80%, 140kg for 85%, 145kg for 90% and 150kg for 95%

Overhead Squat

A Set Every 2 Mi