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Physical Freedom 41/365 - 20220213

Today was an active recovery day. I hadn't decided it was going to be, but with a bit of a head cold coming on and off for the last few days, and a few days of hard training, some relaxation made sense. It wasn't a particularly active recovery day, but it was certainly a relaxing one.

I ate as I normally would, starting at around 9am. I had 2 rashers of bacon, avocado, blueberries and 3 scrambled eggs.

I ate again at 12:30pm when I had 2 small jacket sweet potatoes topped with mince, mushrooms, and some cheese.

At around 3pm I went for a 1 hour walk on the trails with the dog. The weather wasn't great, but that just meant it was a nice quiet day with virtually nobody in sight. While it might seem obvious, many seem to forget the value of low-intensity exercise like walking. Establishing a simple level of movement, such as walking more each day, is great for health, but also an underrated recovery tool. It's also a great way to get some thinking time, and unplug from the online world. That's always much easier when you're out in nature and away from the noise of populated areas, for me at least.

At 6:30pm, I had my last meal of the day, venison fillet with sweet potato wedges and avocado, followed by grapes and berries in yoghurt with honey.

After a couple of days of feeling a little under the weather, and eating not so well, it felt good to eat well and spend some time outdoors today. The simple fixes really are the best sometimes! Not only has today got me feeling better, but it also has me excited for a solid training session tomorrow!

Although I used no equipment today, when I do, the majority comes from Bulldog Gear. Click the banner below to shop through my link to help me out, and enter TH5 at checkout to save!


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