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Physical Freedom 40/365 - 20220212

Today has been pretty restful, but I did a bit. I structured the session to address the deficits created by a relatively high volume week, and went from there.

Hip Snatch

Build to a heavy single for the day. -90kg

These didn't feel great today, but I'm glad I can still hit my base number after a big week.

Power Clean & Jerk

4x1 at 95kg - just some speed before going into pulls and hamstring work.

Snatch Pulls

4x3 110kg

3 Rounds

5 Slantboard Jefferson Curls 12kg + 7kg Chain

10 Reverse Hyper 100kg

3 Nordic Curls


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My prediction for last night was correct, I had pizza! Today I've eaten cheese and bacon oatcakes, and two sausage rolls. The junk isn't sitting well though, so I'm off home for steak, sweet potato and veggies to make me feel better.

No personal post today, but highlights from an epic hero workout that I coached at the gym this morning.


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