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Physical Freedom 4/365 - 20220106

The first part of today was a semi-early start to drive to Ribblehead viaduct. From there, my friend and I ascended Whernside in a sideways snow storm, and looped back around to the start. The total route took a little under 3 hours, and was 13.4km. It contained a gentle 602m of ascent. Despite strong weather, this was enjoyable, and worked wonders for shaking the legs out!

After that, I returned to the gym to do some lifting. A very short, simple session consisting of:


3x2 at 80%

3x1 at 85%

Although I warmed up for ten minutes first, this simple 25 minutes of warm-up, build weight, hit lifts, a few practise bar muscle-ups, and cool down felt like just enough to end the day.


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