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Physical Freedom 36/365 - 20220208

So today was that day. That long-awaited, heavy, high volume, back-to-normal training day. Or sort of. It actually went pretty well, but there were certainly no fireworks, and the one part of the session that gave the opportunity to push, was the part of the session that saw me fall a little short.

I trained at 2pm, with a lower-body and Olympic lifting focus.

Sled drag

Backwards for 5 minutes. I threw a 15kg plate on, and could tell I hadn't done these for a couple of weeks.

3 Rounds

10 Slantboard Tib Raises

10 Single Leg Slantboard Calf Raises

3 Rounds

10 Poliquin Steps -10" this is a new record and felt GREAT!

10 Lying Hamstring Curls 10kg

1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

5 Sets at 80kg

Hang Clean

Build to heavy single - 125kg

125 should have been routine. 120kg was. However, it was not. I missed twice because my head tricked me, a further once because I over-pulled the bar, and even a 4th time because I was too sweaty and the bar rolled off my chest. So, I put my shirt back on, and lifted the fucking bar! It was not an attractive lift, I would not have made the jerk had I needed or intended to, and it probably wasn't a smart training move, but it did my confidence the power of good. I NEEDED to lift that weight today.

3 Rounds

5 Jefferson Curls 16kg

5 VMO Front Squats 70kg


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Again today I had breakfast, this time at around 7am. I had 2 sausage, 2 bacon rashers, scrambled egg and smoked salmon with a few blueberries on the side.

I ate lunch at around 1pm which was a rump steak, and leftover mince concoction from yesterday with some cheese. I ate a banana straight after, but forgot my orange and ended up eating this just before 9pm as I left work.

My evening meal was a late one! I ate at around 9:45pm and had a rump steak, 2 bacon rashers, 2 sausages, halloumi and a jacket sweet potato with butter. I had another orange afterwards.

Tomorrow will likely see some conditioning with plenty of gymnastics involved. At least that's what my outline plan says. Let's see!


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