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Physical Freedom 35/365 - 20220207

I was looking forward to training today since the middle of yesterday. I felt energised, strong and healthy. I could feel my nervous system was restored, and I felt ready to move heavy weights fast. It did not go quite to plan! Was it a bad day? Absolutely not. I still hit (almost) every weight I should have, and did exactly what I planned to. It just didn't feel quite as good as I had hoped. I'm taking that as a positive though. If I can perform as planned on a less than great day, imagine what I could do on a really good day!

I trained in two chunks today, the first at 3:15pm and the second at 7:30pm.

Bench Press

1x3 at 90kg }

1x3 at 100kg } with

1x3 at 110kg } slingshot

1x1 at 120kg }

2x10 at 70kg

Dumbbell Bench Press

1x5 at 30kg

1x5 at 35kg

1x5 at 40kg

1x3 at 45kg

1x8 at 30kg

Split to coach clients and classes

5 Rounds

3 Push Press 70-85kg

12 Chest Supported Incline DB Row 2x16kg

Power Clean & Jerk

5x1 90-95kg

3 Rounds

10 long Rang Bicep Curls 2x10kg

5 Sphere Grip Chin-Ups

Spider Curls

40 Reps at 2x2kg


I've put a link to the slingshot below. It isn't an affiliate link, but is the product I use. I lifted with my Bulldog Gear bar and competition plates. I lift with my Elieko bar near to competition to familiarise myself with the bar, however for day to day lifting I prefer my Bulldog bar. The knurling is less aggressive and there's no centre knurl, which always helps my throat and collarbone! Just click the pictures to shop, and at Bulldog gear's checkout, use TH5 to save!


It's my plan now to eat a little more, add a little weight, and ride the feeling of needing more nourishment. Part of that plan is eating breakfast again. Today was another big food day!

7am was my first meal consisting of 3 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs and smoked salmon.

At 2pm I had steak, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

At 8:15pm, I had 2 Trek bars. Incidentally, I would normally have resisted here, but this is part of allowing myself to eat more in line with my hunger.

At 9:15pm I had a jacket sweet potato topped with mince in tomatoes with onion and mushrooms, with a small side salad and smoked salmon. I also had a much smaller than normal portion of grated cheese on top.

Where I slightly missed my planned numbers was on the bench press. 120kg was a planned top triple. The first rep felt a little clunky, and slower than I'd have liked. With a spotter there, I'd have gone for the triple, but a slingshot bench press in a cage is not the place to get trapped under that kind of weight, so I left it for another day. The rest of the session was on plan, just slightly harder work than I'd have hoped. I'm still excited to drag, pull, squat and carry tomorrow!

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