Physical Freedom 35/365 - 20220207

I was looking forward to training today since the middle of yesterday. I felt energised, strong and healthy. I could feel my nervous system was restored, and I felt ready to move heavy weights fast. It did not go quite to plan! Was it a bad day? Absolutely not. I still hit (almost) every weight I should have, and did exactly what I planned to. It just didn't feel quite as good as I had hoped. I'm taking that as a positive though. If I can perform as planned on a less than great day, imagine what I could do on a really good day!

I trained in two chunks today, the first at 3:15pm and the second at 7:30pm.

Bench Press

1x3 at 90kg }

1x3 at 100kg } with

1x3 at 110kg } slingshot

1x1 at 120kg }