Physical Freedom 3/365 - 20220105

Today was good! A solid dose of strength, followed by some conditioning, in the form of grunt work!


I did a few dozen band pull-aparts (I don't count, just go till I feel sick, then do a few more), and then around 5 minutes swinging a mace in all different ways.

Strict Press


Barbell weight + a 16kg kettlebell suspended from each end of the bar on bands. Total weights for each set were; 52, 62, 57x5

3 Rounds

6 Dumbbell Bench Press, 30 degree incline, 30-37.5kg

8 Incline Bench Dumbbell Rows 22.5kg

20 Minute AMRAP:

20 Thrusters 20kg

22 Burpees</