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Physical Freedom 2/365 - 20220104

Today, training is split into 2 chunks; running, core and grip in the afternoon, the Olympic lifting with the club in the evening.


6x400m at 6:00/mile pace. Rest 1:30 (1:1) between runs.

Actual times:







*Timer was at 8 seconds by the time I realised I'd started the workout - probably 1:29.5-1:30.5.

This route has a hill in, and is 200m out and back, with a couple of tight turns - far from track conditions. At best, I can manage 1:10-1:15 intervals on this route. This should have been 75-85% today, but in reality, it was more like 80-90%. The focus was on nasal breathing until 250-300m into each interval and as much controlled nasal breathing as possible during the rest.

Couch stretch

30 Seconds per side

Weighted Plank

2x30 Seconds, 1x60 Seconds, all with 10kg on the lumbar

Captains of Crush Gripper

3x3 per hand on tension 1.5

2 Clean Lift Offs + 1 Clean

Percentage work at 70-75%. 5 Sets of this complex. Everything felt light and fast, as it should.

Hang Snatch

5 doubles at 70%. Slightly out of position at the knee, so I focused on correcting that.

Front Squat

3x5 at 100kg. Speed reps for position and timing. Focus was on transitioning ready to jerk out of the 5th rep each set.

A good, lighter weightlifting session. Things feel light and fast, and the running legs from earlier didn't slow me down.


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