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Physical Freedom 151/365 - 20220612

Today I got a little more work done in my training. Still nothing too intense, but I moved through my sets with a little more purpose, built a little more heat, and breathed just a little harder. I trained in a local commercial gym just after 4pm.

For Quality:

25 Tib Raises

15 Single Leg Calf Raises Per Leg

25 Tib Raises

3 Rounds

10 Seated Calf Raises 40kg

Seated Good Mornings

3x10 40kg

VMO Squat

5x5 40-55kg Goblet Position

QL Back Extensions

3x10 per Side 12.5kg

Hanging Knee Raise

3x10 10kg

Ab Crunch Machine

3x30 12.5kg

Couch Stretch

3x20 Secs Per Side


Accumulate 2 Minutes


2 Minutes Per side


At 9:30am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs and some blueberries.

At 1pm I had a large rump steak with 3 scrambled eggs.

I plan on having mince and cheese followed by fruit, yoghurt and honey at around 8pm this evening.

It felt great to push weights a little again today, although nothing crazy, and it felt even better to challenge range of motion in my session too. I'm looking forward to seeking intensity a little more tomorrow and feeling that red line again. I have also walked for a good 40 minutes once today, and I'm off to do the same again this evening. While not counted as working out, this lower level activity is great for my recovery and general activity levels. The fact the weather is pretty good is just a bonus!


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