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Physical Freedom 135/365 - 20220525

As planned, today saw a return to intensity. It was very welcome, and felt great! Well, as great as intensity ever feels. I still feel a little hungrier than usual, and maybe a little sleepy, but nothing more than a blip on the radar for now. I trained just after 5:30pm at my friend's house this evening with a small group.

For Time:

Run 1km

150 Air Squats

Run 1km

100 Walking Lunges

Run 1km

75 Burpee Broad Jumps


This was a whole lot of fun. The key to workouts like this, where there is a lot of redundancy in movement patterns, is to learn how to manage fatigue best with the slight differences of each movement. The run is mainly gas tank - there isn't really enough distance involved to hurt the legs, so the trick is to push, even when your legs feel heavy from the movements you've been doing. In fact, this will likely help them. I chose to hit the squats hard, knowing I was capable, but also aware I have a ton of squat volume in my legs over the last week or so. I eased back just a touch on the lunges, I didn't stop, other than to turn around, but I did moderate my pace a little. I pushed the last run hard, and then went after the burpee broad jumps with what was left in the tank. I started to really get winded about half way through these. That means, for me, I paced it about right.


For this workout, I needed nothing, however, I spent all morning getting clients to use my Slant Board for great results. This one is wide enough and deep enough to accommodate all your squatting needs, and is delivered in the UK. Click the image to buy through my link!


I ended up eating an extra meal, albeit small, today. Not so much through lack of planning, but because I was feeling overly hungry and wanted to get the most from my workout.

At 7am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs and some berries.

At 11am I had 1lb of mince with a little cheese, and followed this with a small orange.

At 4:30pm I had a Trek protein flapjack and some chicken strips.

At 8pm I had a rump steak, 2 lamb chops and 3 scrambled eggs with a small lump each of cheddar and stilton. I followed this with berries, yoghurt and honey.


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