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Physical Freedom 132/365 - 20220522

Today was fun! I usually enjoy the day after rest day, but today I especially enjoyed! It was the last big specific preparation workout for Mountain Murph next month, which I started at around 1pm.

For Time: "Double Murph"

Run 2 Miles


5 Strict Pull-Ups

10 push-Ups

15 Air Squats


Run 2 Miles

Wearing a 9kg/20lb Weight Vest.

This took me 1hr39min.

I loved this. It was nice to get out on the Chase and take the dog with me. The initial plan was to do this with my friend, who is also taking part in the event, but unfortunately he's ill. I made the best of it and stayed local instead. I didn't really push the pace as such, just moved as quickly as I could while trying to stay unbroken. I'm pleased that this volume felt so good.


This freestanding pull-up rig from Gravity Fitness is what I used today. They were kind enough to donate this for the attempt next month, so it was great to practice on the same bar we will use on the day.


I had 3 rashers of bacon, 4 dried eggs and some berries at around 10am.

At 4pm I had mince and cheese.

I haven't eaten a third meal yet, but it's likely I'll have lamb and organ meats followed by fruit, yoghurt and honey.


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