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Physical Freedom 131/365 - 20220521

Today's blog will be very brief. It's been a day of family time celebrating a birthday, among other things, and as such it was a rest day. Food has still been decent, although some notable deviations, but these were both planned and enjoyed!


A reminder that you can grab all the funky little accessory items you need for your gym through Slant Board by clicking the image below. They've done a great job bringing these tools to the UK market!


I started at 7:30am with 2 breakfast flapjack/bar/biscuit thingies. I don't really know what they were, but they tasted good.

At 12:30pm I had rump steak, skin on fries and tomato at a pub. Truth be told, it was awful and the nasty oil it had all been cooked in dominated the flavour of the meal after being so used to cooking with good quality fats.

At 7:30pm I had 2 large lamb shoulder steaks and some halloumi. I followed this with berries, greek yoghurt and honey.


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