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Physical Freedom 130/365 - 20220520

Not only was today "fitness with friends" day, but I had a new toy arrive too! Onto that soon though, for now, here's how my training looked. Today was a mixed day; I started off by training alone at 4:30pm with some lifting, then rolled into training with my friends straight after at about 5:30pm.

Grip Work

I worked up to:

Excalibur - 90kg Right hand, 85kg Left hand.

Rolling Thunder - 60kg Both hands

Hub Grip - 15kg Right Hand, 12.5kg Left Hand

Hang Squat Clean

Heavy Triple - 110kg, this took 3 attempts, it shouldn't have, and I should have lifted 115-120kg, but this is what I had today.

Squat Clean

5x1 110kg - this is around 84% for me, and was more about quality reps at moderately heavy weight. While none of them were close to failures, there were some technique issue that need attention over the next few months.

30 Minute AMRAP in Pairs:

Run 400m

30 Push-Ups

20 Burpees

100m Walking Lunge

Wearing 20kg/45lb Weight vest.

We split all work in half. 4 rounds + 100m Run


I received two items today; one the Excalibur handle I ordered, and the other a new version of the Iron Shin as a gift, both from Rawform Functional Fit. Shaun makes exquisite metal-worked gym implements and accessories for the experimental and inquisitive gym goer. I strongly suggest clicking the image below to check out his work!


At 7am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs and some berries.

At 1pm I had 1lb of mince with cheese, and 4 mini ham hock sausage rolls.

At 7pm I had a bag of crisps

At 8:30pm I had a lamb shoulder steak and a 5 egg omelette with cheese, followed by berries, Greek yoghurt and honey.


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