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Physical Freedom 126/365 - 20220509

Today turned out okay. The plan fell through, I got caught out with food, and I got caught out with training, but I made of it what I could, and I'm content! I trained in my living room at 8:45pm.

3 Rounds:

10 Poliquin Steps per Leg

10 Standing Hamstring Curls per Leg

VMO Squat

3x5 Goblet

1x5 Overhead

All with a 40kg sandbag

Good Morning

3x10 40kg sandbag

ATG Split Squats

3x5 per Leg 40kg sandbag

Cossack Squats

4x3 per Leg 40kg sandbag


Around 10 minutes of forward folds, front split work and cossack holds


The star of the show today was undoubtedly my Bulldog Gear sandbag. Versatile, cheap and transportable, these really are ideal for quick home workouts, or workouts on the go. Click the image to grab yours, and TH5 will save you some cash too!


I had a standard breakfast of 2 rashers of bacon, 4 fried eggs and some grapes at around 7am.

At 4:30pm I had 2 Trek protein bars and a chocolate bar, cake sort of thing (I'm not sure, but it came in a wrapper and was essentially sugar dyed brown).

At 8pm I had a rump steak and a 4 egg omelette with cheese, followed by an orange and a banana in Greek yoghurt with honey.

While I don't fit in the intense workout or Olympic lifting I had planned on today, I'm happy I got something productive done. Tomorrow's schedule is looking a little more forgiving, so hopefully I'll get a little of both done!



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