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Physical Freedom 125/365 - 20220515

After yesterday's race, today was a very relaxed day. Somewhere between what most would refer to as a rest day, and an active recovery day. I did no structured training, but I did a few pull-ups, not sure how many but maybe 30 or 40, went for a walk, and did a few recovery movements. The linked Instagram post at the bottom show the specific movements I used.


Today really didn't require equipment - other than for the few pull-ups I did - but most days I use at least one bit of kit from Slant Board. If you want to add to your home gym, use their banner below to buy through my link.


I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 scrambled eggs and half a large avocado for breakfast at around 10am.

At around 3pm I had some lamb and a rump steak.

At 7pm I had a rump steak and a 4 egg omelette with cheese, followed by mixed berries in Greek yoghurt, with honey.

A pretty slow and steady day. My body feels great, with just some slight calf tightness. I'mm excited to move with purpose again tomorrow and start really ramping up pull-up and push-up volume over the next couple of weeks.


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