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Physical Freedom 124/365 - 20220514

Today was so much fun! I went to a trail half marathon which was in some of the nicest countryside I have ever run through, providing some spectacular views, along with some seriously challenging climbs! We set off running at 10am.

For Time:

Trail half marathon

Wearing 20lb weight vest


The race was called "Shindig in the Shire" which was a really friendly little event with around 60 runners in total, split between half and full marathon distance options. The 13.2 mile loop (very slightly over distance, as advertised) featured almost 2000 feet of climbing, including one of the toughest hills I've encountered in a race, and absolutely spectacular views! Running, or at least just running, isn't my favourite thing to do, but add in a weight vest, some stunning trails, and a well run event like this, and I'm not far off calling myself a runner!


Pretty simple; a weight vest! Use TH5 to save on yours by clicking the image below.


Some good, some moderate, and a takeaway. It was very nice though!

At 7am I had 2 bacon rashers, some smoked salmon and 3 fried eggs.

During the run I had 5 or 6 jelly babies on two occasions - at each aid station.

An hour or so after finishing, at around 1:30pm, I had chilli, rice and chips at the pub from which the event was run.

On the way home I had a breakfast biscuit bar, and a small chocolate bar.

At 4:30pm I had a 4 egg omelette with cheese and lamb chunks.

At 8:30pm I had Donner meat and chips.

Days like today are somewhere between a big training session, and an event for me. They serve as testers, quality checks for my training, but also an opportunity to forget almost everything and just enjoy the exact moment I find myself in. I managed that level of flow several times, and for extended periods today. That made it truly enjoyable. Now for a good sleep, and some recovery work tomorrow.


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