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Physical Freedom 124/365 - 20220507

Today was one of those rarities; a rest day. I walked the dog over Cannock Chase for about an hour, did some gardening and other general house chores, but nothing that counts as exercise. Tomorrow will likely be very different!


A friendly reminder that not only do Bulldog Gear sell the best range of gym equipment in the UK, but that you can buy from them by clicking the banner below, and save by using code TH5


I launched the 3rd book in my Run Strong series yesterday; Run Heavy. It's only available as an ebook for now, but the paperback will follow shortly. If you'd prefer the ebook version, you can buy it below right away!


I had a late breakfast at around 10:30am. I had a small steak, 3 bacon rashers and a handful of raspberries.

At 3pm I had lamb mince and cheddar.

I'm about to put the barbecue on (which excites me a great deal), and I have every intention of eating 2 large steaks and some eggs.


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