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Physical Freedom 123/365 - 20220513

I'm a firm believer that the stories we tell ourselves, even as jokes, are what come to deeply believe. This can be a good thing, but it can also be terribly destructive. I saw a meme today that said something along the lines of 'Friday 13th used to mean something, but now all the days suck". Now, I can see the humour here, as i can with similar sentiments about Mondays not being great, or weekends being all people live for, but it's my impression that if we use this messaging, we internalise the thought patterns. I'm guilty of this in several ways. It's probably too much of a tangent to digress here, but suffice it to say I consider a great antidote to this finding meaning, purpose in every single day. It won't stop the bullshit, or remove traffic jams and stubbed toes, but it will give you something to remember that makes most of the less favourable stuff fade into the background. It'll also give you something to focus on each day.

Outside of training clients, one key thing I'm using to look beyond nihilistic leanings recently is training with friends. I make sure to get at least one or two sessions in each week, and the focus for me is being around people, rather than the contents of the training session. Fortunately, I have friends who are pretty knowledgeable fitness professionals too, so that tends to mean the sessions are productive and social. This evening, I trained outdoors in the sun with a group of friends at 5:30pm.

5 Minute AMRAPs:

  1. Run

  2. Burpees

  3. Walking Lunges

  4. Squat Broad Jumps

  5. Run

Rest 2 minutes between AMRAPs.

I didn't keep score. At some points I pushed quite hard, at other points I took my time and enjoyed the weather. We talked through most of it. I'm conscious that I have a run tomorrow, and didn't want to be too fatigued prior.


I didn't use a thing today, however, I was thinking my pull-up volume has been a little low this week. Back on the garden rig on Sunday to eke out a few reps as I recover from my run, or so goes the plan.


At 7:30am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 1 fried egg, some smoked salmon and a handful of berries.

At 3pm I had mince, with a very small amount of cheese.

At 9pm I had a jacket sweet potato with mince and cheese, followed by berries, greek yoghurt and honey.

At 10:30pm I had an orange.


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