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Physical Freedom 122/365 - 20220505

Today was really standard to the untrained or uninterested observer, but contained a few key changes that helped make it a great day. Some of them fall outside of the normal scope of this blog, but they're certainly no disconnected from the theme, so I'll do my best to highlight them as we go through. To begin with, for the whole of this week so far, I've experimented with two shorter walks of 20-25 minutes per day instead of one 30-40 minutes. Although this was chiefly for Locke (my half beagle, half moron), it's actually helping me too. The extra time outside is something I look forward to, and I'm even getting better at staying off my phone while I'm out! I was initially planning on doing some gymnastic and core accessory work today, then hitting a class at CrossFit Napalm this evening, however I skipped the earlier stuff, and just did the 6pm class.

Back Squat

20 reps at 100kg

5 Reps at 130kg

4x3 Reps at 135kg

For Time: "Regionals 11.4"

100 Pull-Ups

100 American Kettlebell Swings 24kg

100 Double Unders

100 Overhead Squats 42.5kg


This saw me close to losing my lunch! I'm a huge advocate of redlining once to twice per week if you're in otherwise good health. This particular journey down Fran Cough lane has me feeling less than healthy, still! We are now over 3 hours post workout!


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At 7:30am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs, and some berries. Probably a few more berries than usual this morning, just because I fancied them

At 11am I had an apple.

At midday I had mince and cheese, again a little extra volume in the cheese today, and followed this with another apple and a banana.

At 5pm I had an orange.

At 8pm I had two small steaks, 2 bits of liver, a kidney and a 3 egg omelette with cheese.

At 9:30pm I had berries, yoghurt and honey.

Between my evening meal and dessert, I took a cold plunge, followed by a bath. It's just something I'm playing with, but I feel great for having done it. Ordinarily, my cold plunge would be much earlier in the day.


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