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Physical Freedom 119/365 - 20220502

Today wasn't a very eventful day. I wasn't overly motivated, so I did what I needed to do to move, and focused on other things. Strangely I'm usually motivated to work and train on the same days, as I'm unmotivated to do either on others. Today was odd in that motivation to work was high, but I still didn't fancy training. Nonetheless I trained at around 5pm.

Reverse Sled Drag

5 Minutes +25kg

Poliquin Step

3x10 per Leg Approx 5" Deficit

Calf Raise

2x10 on Max Incline I could Manage, 2 Second Hold per Rep

ATG Split Squat

3x5/5 40kg Goblet

VMO Squat

3x5 40kg Goblet

Single Side Farmer's Carry

2x20m Per Arm 40kg


As you can tell, I kept it minimal today. All weight came in the form of my Bulldog Gear cast iron kettlebell. Click the image below to grab a weight that suits you, and use TH5 to save!


At 7am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 eggs and some berries.

At 1pm I had mince and a tiny bit of cheese, followed by an orange.

At 6:30pm I had a pack of snack cheese.

At 7:15pm I had 2 large garlic and cheese stuffed mushrooms and 3 lamb leg steaks followed by berries and honey with a little yoghurt that was left.


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