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Physical Freedom 109/365 - 20220422

In spite of my reservations, today went very well. Lesson learned! I took on the first two workouts from the CrossFit Games Age Group Quarterfinals, the first just before 5pm, and the second at 6pm, at CrossFit Napalm.

Quarterfinals WOD 1:

3 Rounds for Time:

20 Toes to Bar

20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 22.5kg


I went out HARD on this. I (through my lack of awareness of the actual format of the quarterfinals - my own fault) trained hard yesterday, including a lot of toes to bar. I suspected I'd blow up on these, and I really did! The first two rounds I flew, but by the third round there was a significant drop in both quality and speed! That said, I'm very happy with my performance in this workout as shorter WODs are often not my strength.

Quarterfinals WOD 2:

For Time:

50 Overhead Squats

40 Bar Facing Burpees

40 Back Rack Walking Lunges

30 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Cleans

20 Bar Facing Burpees

20 Pistols

10 Muscle-Ups


I loved this! According to the leaderboard, I didn't do nearly as well as I did in WOD 1, but I enjoyed it more. I was slightly gutted I couldn't hang on for all ten muscle-ups at the end, but I made a safety call as I feel I would have anded up flat on my back had I tried! In reality, this cost me 10-15 seconds, which was nothing in terms of scores. It was a great test, and one I'd love to revisit having not done an inhumane volume of squats the previous day!

Those who have read a few of these blogs will know full well that I chase Physical Freedom - the ability to live life on my terms, with as few restrictions imposed by my physical capabilities as possible. In spite of some of the crazy looking shit I have done, there will never be a better mirror than CrossFit in which to look to truly see one's balance and examine one's weaknesses. I love how raw and honest this process forces you to be and the opportunity it provides for growth. That growth is only earned though, through humility.

Tomorrow, we go again!


The obvious requirement for WOD 1 today was a dumbbell. Bulldog have the best, friction welded, hex dumbbells going. Grab yours through the image below, use TH5 to save cash.


This was pretty solid, on the whole, today too! I had to fuel between intense workouts, as you'll see, but overall minimal carbohydrates, increased fats and proteins is sitting very well with me. I have no drop off in high intensity capacity either, in spite of predictions.

At 7am I had 4 rashers of bacon and 3 fried eggs. I got some bacon and eggs from my local butcher yesterday, and the taste difference after a couple of weeks of lower quality produce is night and day!

At 1pm I had mince and cheese followed by a banana.

At 5:30pm I had a tray full of prepared mango and a small easter egg. It did the job!

At 7:30pm I had mince and cheese followed by mixed berries, yoghurt and honey!


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