Physical Freedom 100/365 - 20220413

My 100th (almost) consecutive blog! I'm pretty chuffed with that. There are, however, a couple of things I want to clarify before I rattle off the day's results. Firstly, I started this blog for two clear, albeit distinctly different, reasons. The first, which is selfishly motivated, is to have accountability. I don't really need accountability through an external source, such as a coach, or an app, to thrive, just to myself. This blog is far from popular, so that's pretty much all it is anyway. The second reason, more altruistically motivated, is to attempt to show people that perfectly average humans (me) can, through very simple practises and using basic tools, exceed the 99% in almost any given domain. The latter still requires some work because, despite being conscientious with my blog-writing efforts, I haven't really pushed it too much. Maybe there would be some value to that. Maybe I should. Maybe you could share it to get the ball rolling? Either way, I have another 265 of these to write, so less self-congratulatory drivel, more accountability. I got my push-ups and pull-ups in throughout the day, and then hit the 6:30pm class at CrossFit Napalm - one of their infamous sweat classes!

Pull-Ups and Push-Ups