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Physical Freedom 1/365 - 20220103

No secrets. No best intentions. No filter. Just what my training looked like each day, with a little bit of how, why, and when. I'll throw in the odd reflections; such as how I'd change something in hindsight, or notes on my performance versus expectations, for example.

Reverse Out Knee Pain

The Knees Over Toes Guy classic - walk backwards for ten minutes. Flushes blood to the knees and lower legs, and gets them ready to work!

3 Rounds:

10 Slant Board Tibialis Raises

10 Single Leg Slant Board Calf Raises +20kg

Box Squat

5x5 - set 1 at 110kg, sets 2-5 at 120kg

Box set so hip crease is just below the knee when sat down and viewed from the side. Shins should be vertical when viewed from the side and front when sitting on the box. Stand with as little rocking as possible. This will likely be lighter than your standard squat. I worked at ~70% of my Box Squat 1RM. The aim is to control the descent, to sit softly on the box, pause and deload, then explode up

each rep.

ATG Split Squat

3x15 Per Side

These were on the floor, with no weight, and minimal heel raise. The higher reps are to increase tolerance, as I usually add weight, but work at lower reps.

3 Rounds

10 Jefferson Curls 12kg

10 Revers Hyperextensions 90kg

My hamstrings are short and weak. This is part of the quest for length through strength!

Couch Stretch

30 Seconds per side


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